Who We Are

Prosthetics for Change sponsors artificial limbs, calipers, and other appliances free of charge to the disabled in 33 countries. Through our parent organization, Jaipur Foot, we provide not only low-cost, high-quality, and eco-friendly prosthetics but also physical, economic, and social rehabilitation. As the youth branch of Jaipur Foot, we believe it is vital to increase youth involvement in humanitarian work.
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Our Values

Involving Youth

We believe it is vital to increase youth involvement for humanitarian and philanthropic work and galvanize students around the world to participate in social causes as advocates for the next generation.

Affordability and Sustainability

We provide a low cost solution: one prosthetic through our organization costs $70, a fraction of the cost of prosthetics in the United States. The materials used in the production are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Empowerment and Quality of Life

Empowering the disabled and helping them regain their agency through accessible prosthetics is the primary mission of Prosthetics for Change, reaching people who wish to restore their dignity and mobility.
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Our Impact

In 2015, Prosthetics for Change was honored to become Jaipur Foot’s youth branch. Prosthetics for Change strives to increase youth involvement in humanitarian work and provide amputees living in low to middle income countries with prosthetics.
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