This organization has inspired me to go out into the world and do more, like supply necessities for people in need.
The organization really pushed me more into the medical field to help others physically.

~Samantha Whilby


This club has opened my eyes to the less fortunate. It gives me the chance to help others.

~Janaé Wilson


Being a part of a revolutionary movement like this one has opened my eyes for the need in our community for others to do actions of kindness.

~Kayla Simmons


This club is actually life-changing. Not only for the people who benefit from it but for the people who are helping. It teaches you that with a little effort and a big idea you could change hundreds of lives.
~Aliyah Beckford


This club helped me realize the power of youth. We might be young, however, we still have the power to make a difference in the world and help people in need.

~Christopher Butcher


This club has taught me the importance of helping others and how rewarding it can be. There are many people less fortunate than me that I have been able to help by contributing some time and effort. Together, this club can help change people’s lives.
~Sienna Tu


Being part of such a fast growing organization made me realize that one can’t stop when you’re so close to reaching your goal. The PFC club made me realize how you can see the world in a different point of view.
~Sebastian Salazar


This club has taught me how much of a difference a small group of people can make. I’m glad I was able to help a lot of people and become a part of this amazing and friendly organization.
~Khushi Panchal

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