Our Team

Prem Bhandari

Prem Bhandari is the Chief Advisor of Prosthetics for Change and the Chairman of Jaipur Foot USA.


Ashita Dhadda

Ashita Dhadda is the Founder and Executive Director of Prosthetics for Change and is currently a student at the Academies @ Englewood High School in Bergen County, New Jersey.

At Prosthetics for Change, Ashita raises awareness and collects monetary donations to transform the lives of the disabled. Her mission is to provide every disabled individual in the world a prosthetic. In the summer of 2015, Ashita initiated Prosthetics for Change when she came across a middle-aged women in India whose dream was to become a dancer, however the women was incapable of fulfilling her dream after she lost her limb in a train accident. After learning and hearing the story of this innocent individual, Ashita was determined to advocate a change that would not only impact the individuals in India, but would make a global difference.

Soubia Hasan

Soubia Hasan is the President of Prosthetics for Change and is a junior at the Biomedicine Academy of Academies @ Englewood.

At Prosthetics for Change, Soubia is the director of fundraising and aims to continuously raise funds to benefit people in third world countries in need of prosthetics. Soubia first became interested in the idea for this organization when she tore her acl two years ago. She was exposed to the hardships of those who lost limbs altogether and wanted to make a difference. Through fundraising and donations, Prosthetics for Change allocates its funds to support these people and make a positive impact on their lives, free of cost.

Muryam Usmani

Muryam Usmani is the Secretary of Prosthetics for Change and is currently a junior at the Academies @ Englewood High School in the Law and Public Safety Academy.

As the secretary of Prosthetics for Change, Muryam is eager to spread awareness on a global scale and to help those unfortunate souls who are disabled and need help. As a secretary, she wants to focus on keeping this non-profit organization on the right path and benefiting innocent lives across 29 countries worldwide. Muryam’s goal to help bring a smile and a limb to thousands of lives.

Student Volunteers

Affiliations and Chapters

Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur

Step by Step School, Delhi

U Turn, Jaipur

John Adams High School, New York


Overseas Ministries Studies Center, Connecticut

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